Poggio Le Volpi - (Italy)

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Poggio Le Volpi has been a leader in the field of top wine in the Lazio region for a long time and was recently named winery of the year. For both white and red wine for they belong to the absolute top. Already some 100 years, the Merge family owns the domain. Currently Felice Merge, the oenologist is idolized in the region. Their red wine, Baccarossa, is made from the rare nero buono grape and is, according to the Italian wine critic Luca Maroni, the best wine ever made in Lazio He passed his life and work experiences on to the large second generation of the family, experiences which have found vigour and reached full meaning through the bold, enterprising spirit of grandson Felice, wholly supported by the solid, active drive of his father Armando. Poggio Le Volpi has an image which is second to none for the quality and elegance of its wines. These wines are the precious jewels which have ennobled the estate's pedigree due to the praise and appreciation heaped upon them in the refined and exclusive niche wines segment.